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Backup and recovery is becoming a fundamental part of business and essential elements of information management. Information is useless if customers, employees, or business partners can’t access it but its needed. Availability and integrity of information, or the lack thereof can directly impact revenues and profits-as well as company reputations.

Today’s challenges

  • Massive data growth – it is exploding with forecast 44 times growth rate over the next 10 years.
  • IT budget dilemma – IT organizations are spending 73% of their budgets to maintain existing legacy infrastructure and applications

The goal of backup and recovery is to ensure that a com­pany can recover from varying degrees of failure, from the loss of individual files to a disaster affecting an entire system. Success is measured by how quickly the company can recover – the Recovery Time Objective (RTO), as well as by how small the loss of worker productivity is – the Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Hexistor’s EMC Avamar integrated disk-based solution with the duplication provides greater reliability, easier recovery, simpler management and tighter integration with backup applications. Deduplication improves backup performance, consumes less storage and allows you to retain backups on disk longer for fast on-site recovery. In addition, it allows for efficient replication for reliable and safe disaster recovery protection.

Hexistor cloud backup service

·         Accelerates backup and recovery

  • Delivering blazing fast backup speeds – 90% reduction in backup window
  • Ensures fast reliable recoveries – 30x faster
  • Smart replication moves only data needed for efficient and fast DR protection

·         Accelerate savings

  • Intuitive backup dashboard  makes it easy to deploy and manage backup and recovery
  • Deduplication provides up to 99% reduction in required bandwidth and 81% reduction in time spent on backup administration


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Hexistor service is a complete service from software, hardware, and cloud based off site backup retention.


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